Consign with Us

Split: 40% Consignor / 60% Shop
Consignment Hours: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Consign with us - walk-ins welcome! We accept all genders, all sizes, gently used vintage and modern clothing and accessories. We specialize in 90s, early 2000s and modern styles, but are willing to take a look at anything.

We have limited space for inventory, so ask that you bring no more than 30 pieces per visit. Please bring your items laundered, folded in bags and not on hangers. For the pieces we cannot accept, will do our best to help you find alternative options!

We will display your items for one month, unless otherwise discussed. If your pieces don't sell within that time frame, you have the option to pick up unsold items or donate them to the shop (we redistribute donated items to places where we are confident they will be recirculated and not thrown into landfill). You will be reminded via email when this time period is up!

We payout via Zelle, Paypal, check or store credit.

If you've already consigned with us and are looking to access your consignment account, click the button below to reach the login page.

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